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Randy truly believes that tennis is the greatest game ever invented. This respect for the game is a major element in his teaching and coaching philosophy. Randy has shown in his 40 years in the tennis business that he recognizes what his different students want and need from their lesson and he respects that. He does not try and force his style but adapts to the student to help them get the most enjoyment and benefit from each lesson experience.

Randy also knows that tennis is a game and games are meant to be fun! If the learning experience is fun then players will get better at the game. Improvement happens at a much faster rate when the environment is fun. Therefore, having fun is also another major element in his coaching philosophy.

Randy believes one of the best things about tennis is any player gets to hit a lot of balls and hitting balls is fun. Learning how to hit all the different shots, spins, and targets, means the player will have a toolbox full of tools to use when the situation calls for it. To have variety in shots and playing style is a characteristic of the players that Randy coaches.

Our Team


Randy Ross

Randy Ross has been in the tennis business full-time since graduating from Indiana State University with a degree in Business Management and moving to Denver in 1976. Randy has been the Head Tennis Coach of the boys tennis team at Kent Denver School from 1996 to present, winning 10 state championships. After 23 years Randy left Colorado Athletic Club Inverness in April 2012 to open the Randy Ross Tennis Center at the Hilton Denver Inverness. Randy was involved with the Team Colorado Program for the Colorado Tennis Association as Director/Site Director/Coach for over 25 years. Randy’s...


Gay West

Gay West has been teaching tennis full time in Denver since 1989. She was a full time professional and the league coordinator at Colorado Athletic Club Inverness for 21 years before joining RRTC in 2012. Gay was a Team Colorado Coach from 1994 until 2015. She has participated in High Performance, USTA and Tennis Australia coaches’ workshops. Gay continues to increase her knowledge of the most modern technical and strategic aspects of the game through workshops including 4 presentations by Brian Gordon in the past six years.

Coach Gay was the head coach of the Kent Denver Girls’ High...


We're Hiring!

The Randy Ross Tennis Center is seeking a full-time tennis professional. Applicants considered will be USPTA certified with experience in working with all levels of tennis players, but with a demonstrated passion for 10 & under and adult beginner programs. The successful candidate will also be outgoing, personable, service oriented, and passionate about helping people get better at playing the greatest game ever invented. Please send resume to Randy Ross at randy@randyrosstennis.com or call 303-521-4941

"Tennis is a game and games are meant to be fun" ~ Randy