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Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us directly at any time.


+ What is SilverSneakers, and do I qualify?

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans.

If you currently have a Medicare Plan and you want to see if it includes SilverSneakers, you can check your SilverSneakers eligibility instantly here.

+ What is the value of being a SilverSneakers Members

  • You pay no initiation fees

  • You pay no membership dues for Fitness and Instructional

  • You get full access to the fitness center

  • You can purchase court time, drills and lessons at regular member rates

  • You can purchase personal training classes at regular rates

+ What does SilverSneaker fitness membership give me access to?

SilverSneakers fitness membership gives you access to our beautiful fitness center, Instructional membership, and the ability to book court time at our member rates.

+ Is the RRTC offering SilverSneakers classes?

No, the RRTC is not offering the official SilverSneakers classes at this time. SilverSneakers members may participate in fitness at the regular member rates.


+ Can I read the full Membership Policies before signing up?

+ When will I be charged for membership dues?

After completing the online membership registration process, you will be charged the initiation fee and the first month's prorated membership dues. Membership dues will then be charged on the first of every month.

+ Can I change my membership at any time?

Yes! You will need to give 30 days notice of any desired changes. Membership dues are always billed on the first of the month.

If you do need to cancel your membership or place it on hold, we require at least 30 days notice, and no prorated months are offered when canceling. For example, a cancelation request on October 15 would mean that the membership would be canceled on November 31st. Cancellation notice must be made to the staff at Randy Ross Tennis Center and confirmed by their entry of the cancellation in our member system or by email to randy@randyrosstennis.com. Past dues are nonrefundable.

+ How do I sign up for a Junior Membership, the system wants me to be 18 years old?

Our online booking system, 10sPortal, does require that the person setting up the account and accepting the terms of service be 18 years old. When setting up your membership, put in the guardian's information first and then add the Junior in the "add additional members" section. Having problems? Contact us, we can help.

+ What is the difference between a Full and Instructional membership?

The Full Membership will give you access to the entire club and the ability to participate in all types of activities: lessons, programs, events, court rental, leagues, permanent court time, and the fitness center. An Instructional Membership is perfect if you only want to participate in lessons.

+ Do you offer a referral program?

Yes! For each membership you refer, you will receive an account credit for a free hour of court time - $34 value - that can be used anytime within a year. No limit to the amount of credits you can earn! Learn more here.

Guest Policy

+ What is your guest policy?

The guest policy at the RRTC is that guests are welcome on a limited basis and only $10 more per hour then members. An existing club member may bring a guest to play on a court they have reserved or participate in a lesson, program, drill or event - all regular fees apply to the guest.

The club does not believe that it is fair to profit from a member when they have friends, relatives, or out of town guests visit and they want to play tennis. That is not fair to the member. The club does believe that it is also not fair if a member is frequently bringing in the same non-member as a guest. That is not fair to the club. So just like in the sport of tennis, if we are all fair to each other, we will all have a great match.

Guests (and members with guests), please allow extra time before your reservations to sign a waiver and pay for your service. Please plan to leave your name, phone number, and email address with us, so that we have the opportunity to follow up with you at some later point.

+Do I need to have a membership to play at the RRTC?

You are welcome to come try out a lesson, drill, or special event as a guest. We ask that you join as a member if you would like to come back more than a few times.

+Are there guest fees?

Yes, guests pay the same rates for lessons, drills, as members but courts time is $10 more. However guests are limited to only using the club on a trail basis and if they come back often will be asked to join the club as a member.

Permanent Court Time

+ If I have PCT but want to play more on any given week, can I book a one off court?  What is the process?

You may also book additional regular court time. You are also welcome to have more than one PCT contract.

+ Am I allowed to bring a friend who is not a member to play at RRTC during my PCT?

All regular PCT players need to be members of the RRTC. We are adding a PCT only membership option that will be $27.50 per month. Those members will be able to participate in PCT only.

Financial Policies

+ What is the convenience fee?

The RRTC charges a convenience fee of 3.4% on all transactions. This fee is waived for cash and check payments. The RRTC does not profit from this charge. This is not a credit card processing fee, this is a fee charged on all RRTC transactions.

+ How often will my account be charged?

Your account balances will be charged weekly to the card on file. If you have a credit on your account from prepayment, then a card will not be processed.

+ Do I still need to have a credit card on file if I want to prepay by check?

Yes our membership policy still states that all members will have a credit card on file to be used in the case payment is not received.

+ Can someone pay by Debit Card?

The 10sportal system does not have the ability to accept debit card transactions using a pin code. Therefore all cards are processed as credit cards.

+ What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We know that life gets busy! Court reservations, drills, and lessons may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the reservation start time. If payment has already been collected, it will be credited to your account or refunded in full. If cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation, the Randy Ross Tennis Center reserves the right to charge/retain the entire fee.

If you have signed up for a junior program, we offer one make up class per session if room is available. The make up class must be in the same or lower level class and within the same session. Makeups are not guaranteed.

Cancelation may be done online via a Member’s account, or by calling us during regular operating hours and confirming with our staff.

Please see our Membership section for Membership Cancelation policies.

+ When will I be charged for lessons, programs, drills, leagues, or court times?

When you book your reservation online via our booking system, 10sPortal, you will have a few options for payment. You can pay in full at the time of booking by entering in a credit card or selecting to use your credit card on file. You also may chose to put the charge to your "account". All charges put to account will be charged once per week to the account on file. If you wish to pay by check, you can prepay to have an account balance on your account that will be used for all charges.

+ Are programs paid in full or per week?

All of our programs, lessons, leagues, drills, and PCT are paid in full in either at the time of booking or the first day of the program start. If you need additional payment options or a payment plan, please contact us.

Fitness Classes

+ What membership do I need to take these classes?

The group fitness classes are included in our Fitness memberships, and Full memberships for Adults and Juniors.

+ Can guests attend these classes?

Non-members need to become members to attend these classes. A guest may try 1 class before joining.

+ Can I try a class for free?

A member who is not on the Fitness level membership can try 1 class for free.

+ Is this a great deal?

Unlimited classes for only $27.50 is a great deal! For example:

  • Take 1 class per week and that is only $6.88 per class!
  • Take 2 classes per week and that is only $3.44 per class!

+ Where do I Sign up?

You can call the front desk, or sign up on 10s Portal.

+ Are the classes really unlimited?

Yes, you are welcome to come to 1 class a month or all 20, the choice is up to you!

Ready to sign up?

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