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Tennis Lessons

Whether you are looking to improve your tennis game, get in a great workout, or just have some fun, RRTC has a tennis lessons option for you. All lesson types are offered daily. If you are not sure where to start, contact us for an evaluation.


A private tennis lesson is the ultimate learning environment. The time is totally dedicated to the player and what they need and want out of the lesson. The professional staff at RRTC are all either USPTA or USPTR certified with many years’ experience. No matter what your level or your goals a private tennis lesson at RRTC will help you advance in your enjoyment of the sport.


If you and a friend are of similar abilities then a semi-private tennis lesson could be the best for you. Having a friend to share the learning experience with certainly enhances the journey. And you have an understanding practice partner to help each other improve. This format is especially good for rookies to get started learning this great game. Grab a friend and give us a call to schedule a time. We also will be happy to find another RRTC player to match you up with.

3 & a Pro

A 3 & the Pro lesson allows the RRTC pros to play in during the lesson and become a part of the drills. This is a very effective learning environment for all levels of players when working on doubles strategy and tactics. In addition there is still the opportunity to slow down and take the time to work on stroke production and developing new shots

4 & a Pro

The 4 & the Pro lesson is perhaps the most fun lesson format there is. Numerous different shot and play situations can be learned and refined in this lesson when all four players are of the same level. The RRTC staff is very experienced in matching the drills to the level of players so that the environment is fast-paced and challenging. Perfect for doubles partners to work on their skills together.

5 or 6 & a Pro

These formats are like a private drill. You get to put the group together yourself and select who you wish to invite. Team mates, neighbors, friends, can make up your private 5/6 + pro group. Once on the court with the tennis professional, there are many different drills and play situations that can be done with this number of players on the court. Fast paced fun will follow while learning new skills with a group of your choosing.

Lesson Rates

Lessons are offered at the following rates per person per hour. You may book a lesson by contacting us or reserving directly through 10sPortal if you have already signed up for membership.

Lesson Type Randy Gay Mike Tomi Phill Kenny Juan Vanja Christina Noah
Private $100 $100 $100 $95 $95 $90 $90 $75 $70 $65
Semi-Private $61 pp $58 pp $58 pp $58 pp $58 pp $50 pp $50 pp $40 pp $40 pp $35 pp
3 & Pro $48 pp $46 pp $46 pp $46 pp $46 pp $38 pp $38 pp $30 pp $28 pp $24 pp
4 & Pro $42 pp $40 pp $40 pp $40 pp $40 pp $34 pp $34 pp $25 pp $24 pp $20 pp
5 & Pro $37 pp $37 pp $37 pp $37 pp $37 pp $29 pp $29 pp $21 pp $20 pp
6 & Pro $35 pp $33 pp $33 pp $33 pp $33 pp $27 pp $27 pp $19 pp $18 pp

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