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Steffie Skarwecki

Adult Instructional Program Coordinator

Steffie Skarwecki has been a tennis professional for 17 years and coached on the WTA Tour as a sport psychologist. Over the years she has worked closely with numerous pros, adults, and aspiring juniors.

Her professional teaching career has included positions at top academies and elite tennis clubs in Florida, California and Colorado. Steffie has experience coaching all types of tennis players - from the most advanced to the beginner who is just learning the game. Steffie believes coaching tennis is not a one size fits all experience and she works hard to figure out which coaching style will resonate most with her clients.

Steffie was born into a tennis family and grew up with a racquet in her hand. Her father, Ed Skarwecki, is a long time seasoned pro here in Colorado. Steffie grew up in Littleton and played Division 1 tennis for the Buffaloes at the University of Colorado.

After her collegiate career, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and received her certification in Mental Toughness Training from the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida. Steffie loves sharing her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and passion for the game with everyone she steps on court with.

Steffie recently moved back to Colorado from Toronto with her husband, Mark. When she’s not on the tennis court, Steffie enjoys yoga, and learning about health, nutrition and meditation. She is happy to be back in her hometown and is very excited for the opportunity to work at Randy Ross Tennis Center and be a part of a world class team!

Lesson Rates

Steffie offers the following lessons to our members. Prices are per person per hour. You can contact Steffie directly to schedule or book through the front desk or our membership portal.

Lesson Type Rate
Private $85
Semi-Private $58 per person
3 & Pro $46 per person
4 & Pro $40 per person
5 & Pro $35 per person
6 & Pro $33 per person